No Mercy Slave Boy I Want It ALL

by Michelle on December 23, 2011

I can hear those sleigh bells jingling all the cash that I want! Super mega slave loser mercy boy here has been a good little pig and put a ton of gifts under my tree. For that he has asked me to please feed him some mercy and give him a break for the holiday. I put my nose up in the air and snubbed him as I laughed so hard I nearly made myself do something so unsightly and ladylike, puke.
No submissive slave of mine will be shown any mercy over my intense amount of greedy cash and gift lust that I desire. Buying me gifts and giving me tribute after tribute does not entitle you to any orgasms unless I deem it a possibility. I can’t help but sit high upon my throne and laugh deep within my Goddess belly so hard its heard across the globe. Do you enjoy feeling the wrath of a Goddess, feeling the true wrath of a bitch Queen like me who has your balls in her hand ready to clench them with a platinum fist? I thought you would say yes. Merry Cristmas from your greedy Goddess Michelle.
No Mercy Slave

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