Sissy Shakes His Ass In A Thong

by Michelle on December 8, 2011

Have you been thinking of all the ways you’re going to please me this week, because that’s what I had on my mind. I was thinking of Myself and all the ways that I wanted to have my greedy ass kissed this week and what gift cards I need more of. There’s never an end to my commands is there my slaves.
Los Angeles is freezing this week and I’ve been so cold and bitchy, just the right amount of wrath to take out on you cash slaves. Sissy Kevin showed off his hot buns and did a sweet ass shaking for me and then made it rain cash into my bank account. We played sissy stripper financial domination where he danced and then stuffed dollar bills into MY panties. Shake that ass sissy slut shake it right into my new Louis Vuitton Winter bag. Shoe slave Leonard is such a whore for my feet he’s seen my feet in so many pairs of heels that I’ve run out of teasing him with my pretty soles but now I have no more shoes to show him. There was only one thing to do and of course that was get my foot fetish lover to buy me a ton more. I woke up today like a total Goddess and a $1000 Zappos gift card so I could spoil my feet and enslave this high heel slave deeper. I think I’m going to need more gift cards because the boots I want are $875 and thats just not going to cut it when I want at least 6 new pairs that I have my eye on. I’m going to have so many show boxes under MY tree this year. Keep it up bitches you’re doing an amazing job.

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