Loser Humiliation Idiot Ricky On The Loose

by Michelle on November 28, 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I spent the weekend with family and I’m back ready to seek and destroy all submissive slaves in my path of greed. It’s idiot stunt junkie time and resident phone sex homo Ricky Retardo was back with even more of a humiliating experience.
He’s so pathetic he actually emailed a strip club, check out the email he sent them.
“I am Ricky Retardo, a local loser and Humiliation Stunt Junkie. I missed your Halloween Party at Club and was wondering if you could recommend a lady at Club who would be game for a client of my distinction. I work with a Humiliatrix via phone and we are both anxious for my Idiot games to sink to new levels. Completely sane and discreet, but who should I meet? Let me know if Club is a place for me.
In Idiocy,
Ricky Retardo Douche Bag Extrodinaire”
What a cock sucking loser! He’s had a lot more practice in the art of cock sucking these days and really playing the role of leading homo. Look how jacked up his body is, hes working out like a little bitch and taking steroids. I’m thinking the same thing, fucking pathetic he deserves to be totally humiliated and shown off. Another day another loser looking to be humiliated by Goddess. retardo3retardo1retardo2

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