Sissy Slave Learns To Dance

by Michelle on November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving week slaves and other worship piggies. I can’t wait to get my feast on this week. In the meantime I’ve been feasting on my favorite greens all week you know the cash kind. With so many of my stable home for the holidays its been a cash feast for Me. Long time foot fetish slave Reuben is back in town this week and my girlfriend Cara and I met him last night for some foot rubbing, cash and dinner. He got a room at the Four Seasons and we had our dinners sent up while he sat and rubbed our feet for 3 hours. We got bored about an hour in so we cured that fast with a couple bottles of Dom before our car service swept us away with our wallets nice and stuffed with his cash.
Sissy slave Mo dog update! Hes becoming more and more of a sissy every single day, I had him train watching Americas Next Top Model to get his moves down and here he is getting his slutty seductive moves down! HIs body is so smooth and feminine he’s really transforming quite well I’m so proud. What do you all think of my sissy slave who hasn’t had a proper orgasm in over a year. I just can’t stop denying him for the orgasms he begs so hard for.

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