Humiliating Slaves In Panties

by Michelle on November 8, 2011

My minions and underlings have you been missing me? I’ve been missing you but I’ve been busy getting massages, manicures and pedicures and going out with my friends. A much deserved Goddess break that you my Michellaholic stroke addicted slaves have paid for. My friends and I rented a beautiful house out in Palm Springs for a week and it was heavenly. Sitting around the pool everyday while drinking champagne and having one of my friends who’s a real time domme have one of her pets come and be our servant.
The servant slave Tony was at our beck and call, not only was he a major loser but he was tall, fit and incredibly hot to look at. Theres nothing hotter then loser eye candy to play with. He rubbed our feet for hours, cooked for us, and made sure we had drinks flowing at all times. He was our bitch and I loved it. We sent him out at night to make us cash and suck cock for us. Like a good little cock sucking faggot he came back in the morning with pockets full of cash like a good man whore.
Sissy slave Josie was at it again being a little fucked up forced intoxication bitch. He was looking like the most pathetic loser in his freaky Halloween mask so no one would recognize him. But just take one look at that loser and you can see right through his pathetic mask that he’s just another panty wearing sissy loser in disguise. Your wife will know it’s you because I DO!

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