Sissy Slave Mo Top Model Loser

by Michelle on October 28, 2011

Sissy slave Mo has been doing his humiliation assignment of watching every single episode of Americas Next Top Model.  He’s doing his best to please me so I’ll allow him to  have an orgasm. I’ve been teaching him all about orgasm denial and hes been struggling for so long. He’s been learning how to walk and act like a top model. Of course no top model would wear such slutty trashy clothing but that’s what makes sissy slut Mo a special top slut of a model loser. My very own twist on my very own humiliation assignment for such a submissive slave.  He’s being feminized every day as he watches and learns and adores the color pink. His thoughts are being feminized, his brain being reprogrammed to think like a Woman. He’s really turning into a girl right before my very eyes. He’s really getting his poses down right and starting to look very girly and femme, All he’s missing are some trashy stripper heels and a pole to dance on.  I’m thinking of having him get a stripper pole kit to install in his bedroom but there’s one major problem and that’s that he lives with his family. If they had any idea of the bag of tricks he’s been hiding in his special spot in his bedroom. I’m so happy and pleased I want to reward him with my boot placed in his back as he begs me to allow him to cum for doing so well in his training. I see his man clit swelling and there’s nothing the slutty sissy can do about it because as please as I am I still will not allow my bitch to cum.


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