Hairy Ass Loser Josie Strikes Back

by Michelle on October 17, 2011

Greetings cash sluts have you been longing for my tales of femdom supremacy and cash eviction from the house of LOSERS. Good, glad to hear it. I’ve been off doing my travel thing in a few places with some girlfriends and a a very big cocked man along the way. Don’t be to jealous you can always live vicariously through me since you losers are the ones who pay for my adventurous life.
Before I took off I had a forced intoxication sissy special session with the return of my sissy sub slave Josie. He got on web cam for me and got ready to flop around his loose little bitch dick. Today’s song choice was “Whip My Hair Back And Forth” but, we changed that to “Whip my cock back and forth”. He had his big fat hairy ass perched up high in the air with his sissy underwear on letting his little cock fly around as he danced and pranced like a total faggot. Have you ever seen such a nasty hairy ass and my gawd, he took the skirt from his wife and it’s so unbelievably ugly I can only imagine her wardrobe. Wasted like the sissy forced intox pig that he is in the end my wallet was full and his ugly skirt was full of skanky cum that I made him lick up like the faggot whore that he longs to be.
Hairy Ass Loser 1

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