Ass Kissing Cuckold Humiliation Loser

by Michelle on October 8, 2011

Ass kissers you’ve got new competition on the block ass kissing slave Marty has begun to impress me with his devotion. I’ve made a deal with him that I was on a serious mission to destroy his marriage to gain complete and total control of his wallet. I’ve got financial domination games on the brain and bitch Marty is going to ruined.
He’s such a tiny cock imbecile, he’s married and his wife hasn’t had sex with him in 2 years. He seems to always call me when I’m with my Boyfriend and he gets so jealous because he knows i’m barely paying attention to him. My boyfriend started playing with my thighs and I needed some of his big cock so I told Marty I was going to hang up on him and get some and if he wanted to stay on the phone he was going to have to send a $200 tribute. Just as I was about to click he begged to lick the cum from my pussy and sent over the cash like a good pay slut.
I told my Boyfriend to do it really fast so Marty doesn’t get too much of me in ecstasy. He would have to tribute even more for that. I think $200 was fair for 5 minutes. It was quick and I pulled my panties back on to catch all the cum and make Marty pay me another $300 for them and of course he wants to lick my man’s cum so bad I knew he would want them. Another fool cash raped by Goddess.

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