Sissy In Chastity Slave Anniversary

by Michelle on October 1, 2011

Fall is in the air and the crisp weather brings my subs back indoors ready for some hot intimate cash devouring sessions. Maybe I should call this month the Fall deeper into love this Fall with Goddess Michelle. The month begins off with my one year anniversary with my Arab sissy chastity slave Modog. 364 days of not being able to jerk himself off, 2 accidental middle of the night sleep stroking incidents and some very slutty sissy outfits and it’s been a very good year. I told him at the one year mark I would most likely let him cum for me but, I thought it would be best to leave him a chastised sissy and leave his little puny dick untouched and show me the ultimate in respect.
Another year of Chastity it will be, this years goal will be to make Modog into a bigger sissy and model him after the Arabic Barbie Fulla. He’s almost finished watching the entire Top Model series and can’t wait to put on his new blond wig and slutty lingerie I had him order and slut his stuff for me. He’s been a very good cash piggy but knows this year he has to up his payment as his sissy loser tax has gotten higher. He sent me a ton of gifts for our Anniversary and knows I’m such a greedy bitch I always just want to take more. Look how pretty and pathetic my modog looks in his I heart Michelle shirt. He was lighting candles on our Anniversary in my honor, take notice to the red, white and blue because I AM his American Goddess. Kneeling and praying to me every single day he understands I am the higher power.

Anniversary Mo

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