Lipstick On A Man Makes You A Sissy

by Michelle on September 7, 2011

Welcome into September slaves, you’ve finally got a little more time to jerking off that stupid stick of yours now that the brats are finally out of the house. A little more of that private time to slip into something more comfortable like your secret stash of lingerie or maybe your wife or girlfriends panties.
Loser sissy Peter started of the month right by hitting the bottle and participating in a forced intoxication session on Niteflirt with me. He gets so stupid and drunk he can’t even get his sissy wig on right. Peters girlfriend was out for the night so him and I had our own party. I thought he looked rather nice in the lipstick, kinda like a sloppy drunk slut who was ready to take multiple cocks into his pouty red lips. I thought the leopard print dress was quite appropriate, he kinda reminded me of some of the Cougar ladies I see at a bar near my place who like to dress in Leopard print thinking that will attract the young hot studs. My point of this post was that there are many men out there who want to put on a little lipstick to see how they look. I wanted to let those men know a little something, when you put wigs, dresses and lipstick on you are 100% a sissy boy and there is no escaping it. You are what you are and that is going to be your fairy life. I can help you achieve that.

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