Making A Dancing Sissy Out Of Joe – Josie

by Michelle on September 7, 2011

Are your cocks already out before I’ve finished my first sentence? I wouldn’t doubt it judging by the amount of wankers that message me to tell me how much they love to read this site and love to see what I’ve done next to another submissive idiot. For all that reading you guys are jerking off to for free I suggest that each time you drop off a tribute to show your respect for my erection inducing blog posts.
Another Niteflirt fool has decided to tempt me and see how much I like playing forced intoxication games. Everyone who call or sessions with me knows that’s one of my all time fetish games. This particular submissive victims name is Joe, after about 5 shots and a really nice buzz going I had him sneaking into his wife’s panty drawer to change into something a little more to MY liking. He said he had some panties on but I needed the proof and I knew it was going to take a few more shots to get that web cam on. It was around the 7th shot that the web cam came on and I saw Joe for the first time and he was sitting there with his bottle in a thong! He was afraid to show me his face but I got a few glimpses and of course I got some pictures as well.
I was laughing so hard at him in the thong with one of his pathetic nuts sticking out of the side, I mean really, who wants to see a nice pair of panties with a big nasty nut sack hanging out! I thought he looked like a sorry ass sissy boy so I gave him a new name that he earned. From that moment on I called him Josie. Josie needed more of a humiliation assignment so I had him hit up YouTube and get a little Lady GaGa on and I wanted to see him prance and dance like the faggot he was being. He was so nervous I was going to expose him but I promised him that with a $200 tribute I wouldn’t post anything on my site. When you’re dealing with a powerful humiliatrix femdom there is one thing you must learn. Promises are made to be broken and sissy’s dancing in their wife’s panties are made for exposing.

Dancing Sissy Josie

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