Men Who Paint Their Toes Are Sissys

by Michelle on August 29, 2011

I hope all my friends out East are weathering the storm. So many little piggies stuck home like a submissive bitch in a cage aching to get out. They need to get to Niteflirt and call me so bad they are so desperate to hear my voice and receive my commands. The problem is the whole family is stuck together so you have to be extra sneaky. There have been a lot of I type and talk conversations going on and the handful of low speaking hiding in the closet idiots. Speaking of hiding in the closet, the storms always tend to bring out the freaky freaks.
This has been a very sissy weekend, Karl from Manhattan called me up and he got on cam from the waist down in some jeans, socks and sneakers. He’s got a girlfriend but she wasn’t there and he said he had a few erotic confessions he needed to make. I figured it was something boring like he wanted his best friends wife but I was really off. He asked me if he could take his clothing off and put on some more confortable shoes. He came back only to reveal French tipped painted toenails slipped into a comfortable pair of high heels. He then started to scream out loud “I am just a sissy fag who longs to be in drag! , I am a sissy fag that long to be dressed in drag!” He was still to scared to go from the waist up but he insisted on doing a dance for me and said Sissy Katie was ready to work it and show me her stuff. Man I feel like a Woman shouts sissy Katie as he dances around his living room listening to Shania Twain. I was laughing my ass off as she was signing and confessing all sorts of cock sucking dreams. Lets try to make these cock sucking wishes come true.
Sissy Katie Painted Toes 1Sissy Katie Painted Toes 2Sissy Katie Painted Toes 3

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