Showing Your Devotion To Your Goddess

by Michelle on August 18, 2011

Attention my Michelleaholic lovers its getting close to the finale of Summer soon and your little brats will be going back to school etc and that means a lot more time for us and a lot more cash for me especially for the ones who’s Summer vacations I took away from them. I love a good Summer destruction all to make MY Summer better.
I just got back from Vegas with a couple girlfriends we had a huge ass mega suite at Wynn and a $3,000 gift card to share with my girls all thanks to a one time brand new Niteflirt phone sex caller named Sal from New Jersey. He thought I reminded him of his ex wife who dumped his ass for a rich NFL player. I still couldn’t get it out of him who it was but, I do know that he’s big and black and his dick was probably doing things to his ex wife that he could never achieve with his wimpy white boy cock. He didn’t even realize or know that he was living a cuckold life. He had never even heard the word and thought he was the only one who’s wife was out every night at the bars with her friends and coming home wreaking of cheap cologne and her panties soiled in cum. It was official at the time he was a full on cuckold loser and he didn’t have a say. That lasted 2 years and then she ended up marrying the one who’s bank account trumped his already pretty big one.
It’s best this way because that can only mean one thing, more money for the greediest Goddess of them all, ME. My Arab bitch boy has gotten himself a sexy new shirt showing his love and dedication to the one and only that matters ME. I would love to crush him while he’s wearing his special love shirt and press him deep into the earth with the soles of my feet. It’s a beautiful thing being me, I deserve it all and I’m going to take it all.
Slave Dedication

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