Forced Intoxication Makes You A Sissy

by Michelle on August 11, 2011

Slave robots and submissive pig junkies who can’t get enough of your Goddess keep coming back to me for a cash draining session of my spin on phone sex. How many of you reading this have had sex with your hands today while looking at me? You’re probably fucking your hand right now with a beer or a vodka in hand. The weekend is nearly here and already so many of you fools are down to party my special cash raping way.
Alan Dowling has been around for a while, He loves and craves forced intoxication and then getting whatever supplies I demand him to get and then making a complete stupid drunk idiot out of himself. He loves getting dressed in drag and sloshing down his booze looking like a bad Baby Jane. I love the way he has to get himself really drunk and fucked up to really let the sissy side of him come out for He fears his girlfriend will find out out his sissy fetish. Well now she can just google his name and maybe she will come across this, or maybe not but thats just a risk this bitch boy sissy is going to have to face now under Goddess rules.

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