Hypnotic Nipples Make You Kneel

by Michelle on August 1, 2011

August is upon us and I started this month out the most greedy way possible. Taking another $2,000 from my Arab sissy slave so I can go shopping for a sexy new Louis Vuitton bag that I’ve had my Princess eye on and just had to have. My designer bag collection is growing at such a rapid rate I could probably open my own store right out of my house at this point.
I sent out a sexy new photo set on Niteflirt of my perfect perky c cups for you to become hypnotized by my succulent nipples. I knew it would mind warp so many of you hypno boys to the point of needing to be kneeling in front of me ready to obey my every command. All it took was opening up my pay to view mail and there you were begging for more of my seductive ways. You losers never stood a chance upon opening.
There you are weak and pathetic begging for a lick, for a chance to put your lips to my nipples and here I am sneering and laughing at the same time while I tell you that no amount of cash would earn a submissive piece of shit like you the chance to touch my Goddess body. You pay to look and maybe if you were actually good looking enough would I let you touch.
I love seeing my slave wear my name on his chest although it is a bit generic and should say I heart Michelle Loves Money then I would be a little bit more satisfied. Everyone knows it’s so hard to satiate the greedy appetite  of a greedy bitch like me. It’s really never good enough for me and that gives you so much more to strive for to gain my interest and happiness.
How can you impress me?
Slave Dedication

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