Sunday Sissy Humiliation Seduction

by Michelle on July 24, 2011

Have my Michelleaholics been wondering where I’ve been? You must have, since my Niteflirt and personal email has been stacked up asking me when I’m going to post again. I understand it’s so hard to be without hearing from me. Especially hard for the cheap fucks who just read my site and call every once and a while and spend a whoppin $10.00.
I’ve been busy roaming around the country being the mysterious one that I am, not giving you every play by play of my personal detailed Goddess life. You should hear about the things that matter the most, the way I use up panty waste blabbing idiots who trip over their words to impress me. I’m back for now and that’s all that matters. My Saudi Slaves are being properly kept in check just where they should be, face down in the prayer carpet and face down with my big cock hand fucking the cash right from those wallets.
Sissy Jessica is FINALLY going to get hormones this coming week, how exciting is this! The transformation is going to be well on the way for sissy boy to be the girly fem slut cum lover that he’s always wanted to be. He’s finally moved out of his girlfriends place and ready for slut Jessica to take full control of his life and let all of the little manliness left he has for once and all be gone. I might make him start making me even more money by taking tranny calls on Niteflirt and getting his own listing up there and taking all the profits and tributes. He’s so pretty I know he will be a total slutty success. More money for me, that’s what this is really about and all that matters.

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