Counting And Collecting Your Cash

by Michelle on June 26, 2011

It’s wonderful being a cash collectress with all you little ATM machines running around waiting to spit that money out at me. This week Mr.CashCock came back after a little Niteflirt break. He’s a well known ATM slut that’s been pumping out cash for years on Niteflirt he send’s his email and the ladies line up to take and make the loser stroke. I’ve put him on full tilt before and this last time was no exception. We have a mutual cash slut understanding, he whores around and I take what I want.
Sneaky arab Mohammad Horan is another time waster he wishes he was anything like my Modog Arab slave but he’s not, he turned out to be a time wasting moron towel head who would shell out a measly $100 at a time which is barely worth me even giving him 10 minutes of my Goddess attention. He really deserved to be rolled up in a red prayer carpet and tossed into the sea with the sharks. That piece of shit has some serious cash to hand over before I bat my sexy long eye lashes. Enough about the camel jockey and more about ME.
Darius a new Niteflirt blackmail moron bought my blackmail application, properly filled it out and got it to me immediately, I was really impressed with how eager he was to get on with it. So many of you losers are too scared to have to balls to give me all the information that I want. He’s in his mid 40’s and according to this application he’s got an amazing job in entertainment AND happens to live in Los Angeles! I smell big money coming my way with this foolish man. I will be updating you as this unfolds to see if Darius complies with my demands if not there’s going to be some humiliating phone calls that will be made and some incriminating photos up on this site.

Counting Slaves Cash

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