Shake That Sissy Ass Saudi Slave

by Michelle on June 18, 2011

Shake that sissy Saudi ass! I could swear sissy Modog slave has been watching Americas Next Top Model practicing his walk. I love the way sissy boy prances and runs his fingers all over his hairless girly figure. If he was in America all the little bitch boys would want a piece of that action. Lucky me, Goddess has acquired another Saudi pig slave vying my for attention but he’s going to have a lot of work to try and catch up with my Modog slave.
New Saudi submissive slave of course is also named Mohammad but I refer to him as dumb fuck, its a bit more fitting and he doesn’t deserve to be called by his disgusting given name. He’s bought me a few pairs of shoes to spoil my perfect American feet. All I have to do is pop on the webcam and shove my feet in his face and I get exactly what I want. One evil flip of my fuck you finger and some toes jammed into his mouth and Goddess gets her way. He’s going to have to top the Modog with the clips, I need to see more Saudi sissyness to be happy and satisfied. My greed is never ending, my lust for financial domination take over grows and grows each day it’s never enough for me.

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