Sissy Loser Jessica In Drag

by Michelle on June 14, 2011

Look who’s back for more sissy humiliation and blackmail! It’s the one and only diapered in drag Wren Hudsen aka Sissy Jessica. This sissy is one nasty slut that’s for sure, today she was vamping for me in red in one of his favorite places to call me on Niteflirt, his bathroom. He didn’t have his wig with him because he called from his girlfriends place but of course he had his big old adult diapers with him ready to put on and duct tape nice and tight. You’re probably wondering what the hell is the duct tape for?
This perverted little sissy skank loves to take his adult diaper and pour it nice and full of oatmeal and make a mushy mess in it. I know, its completely and totally disgusting. He sat there for me posing and kneeling int front of the toilet NOT using it of course but using his diaper instead and then did one of the most humiliating disgusting pathetic things yet. I saw him swing his long feminine nylon covered leg over the side of the bathtub and was thinking what the hell is he doing! He was fucking the side of the tub! He literally was humping the tub like it was a leg. I’ve seen him do some pathetic things but this was really ridiculous. I have all of his girlfriends information, her phone number and email and I was thinking this might be a good time to show her what goes on while she’s at work. A little blackmail to start the week off to fuck over a sissy sounds really good right now.
Sissy In Drag sissyjes2

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Jessica July 14, 2011 at 4:09 am

Thank you Princess! I aim to please and amuse, anything for You!!

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