Hypnotic Ass Makes You Weak

by Michelle on June 9, 2011

I feel a breeze across my face, a warm breeze that feels like a perfect California day. But really what I was feeling was the open window and a fist full of cash from my latest hypno slave Gary. He came to me on Niteflirt letting me know how good it felt to give me money.
I can’t seem to stop manipulating him with my beautiful body and making him feel so good making him get so hard that he goes deep into his pockets and feels the need to give me money and place it under my beautiful feet. “Yes Goddess, you use your pussy and ass to get my cock hard…I have to focus and stare…and then it feels so good to pay you and make you happy. I”m such a good boy for you.” He loves to be a good Niteflirt slave for me. My body has been known to break mens finances and go for broke, there is no stopping me once I get started. Once I put my Goddess prowess out there you are sure to be totally fucked and taken. Do I care that the kids won’t be able to go to Summer camp? No, I don’t give a fuck at all, I’m concerned with which new platforms i’m going to go buy that you’re going to pay for. Surrender to the financial domination spells of your Goddess Michelle my temptations are your new reality.

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