Cuffed Sissy Fag Slave All Locked Up

by Michelle on May 4, 2011

It’s titty Tuesday, time for all the Niteflirt sissy’s to come on out with their sluttiest lingerie and show me what a pink slut you are on the inside. Billybitch got a sexy financial domination ptv session on Niteflirt today for titty Tuesday. Each one of my tits earned $400 plus an additional $50 for each hard nipple. Thats the best way to make my Goddess nipples get hard.
Forced Intoxication slut Sissy Desiree came around today and was all done up in whore loser gear in these pretty glitter cuffs all chained up and ready for any guy to come over and get sucked off. I had put the whores phone number out there on Twitter but with a surprise no one bothered to call the skanky do it all fag whore. Why would you want to pass up the chance to party all day while the sissy entertains you. I love the humiliating glitter and rhinestone collar, you should have seen the disco boots the slut shemale had on. Cunt slave ass pig found me On Niteflirt again after a few years when we did a session once with another Niteflirt Goddess at a hotel. He’s been a hardcore loser ass pig for years now, the kind of slave pig that get caned and then financially raped while a superior Woman such as myself tears into him. I reminded him of the old days when I used to take him for thousands and thousands more in gifts. Always remember Michelle loves money.
cuffed sissyCuffed Sissy 1

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