Submissive Robot Losers

by Michelle on April 26, 2011

Today is the most amazing Spring day, Easter was fantastic it’s one of the best holidays for using and taking advantage of weak sissy’s. There’s no better time then to get yourself dressed up in some sissy ping fag gear and troll around the streets hiding under some giant bonnet. I’m sure there was a huge abundance of furries out there being pervert freaks in rabbit costumes jerking off in their suits. Cash pig Rob the ATM robot wanted to make sure I had a hot weekend and desired to be my Saturday night American Express card. He’s a weak little pig for my sexy feet and I know all it was going take to get a few hundred would be a picture of me flicking him off and crushing a dildo portraying his cock. I had just gotten a hot pedicure so my toes looked extra shiny and perfect. I was ready to drain the cash pig with a few clicks of my camera. $1000 Amazon card appeared 22 minutes later. I thought I might use it to get the new iPad but I’ll leave that on my wish list for one of you cash pig bitchs to buy me. It makes it much more fun that way, making you pay me both in cash and in gifts, that is the ONLY way I like it and the way it will be.
I nearly gave slave kevin a heart attack as I kept telling him how my soft fingertips and long French manicure were going to control his balls with just the touch of my nails running on his cum containers. Just talking about it sent him into some pathetic snorting fit on Niteflirt. He literally was such a barn yard animal that he was grunting and snorting as if he was rolling in shit. All this from describing my nails on his balls sends you blithering fools into a submissive tizzy. The ideal place for me to take all your money.

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