Do Real Men Wear Panties?

by Michelle on April 21, 2011

No, real men don’t wear panties but sissy boys do. Niteflirt phone sissy John is such a whore for being sneaky while his girlfriend is gone and loves getting in a super quick fashion show. His muscular thighs all tight in his lingerie. He has a special order in its way from Fredricks, something a little extra whorish and slutty. I gave him a humiliation assignment of wearing his sissy wear pretty panties to the gym. I have a feeling while my bitch is at the gym working those legs over each time he does a squat he gets hard feeling that silky fabric run into his ass crack. It feels so good to wear Woman’s under garments nice and snug on those sissy balls. It’s hard when you have to keep it a secret from your wife or girlfriend especially when they have sexy lingerie taunting you all the time. Face it you’ll never be a real man your destiny is being a sissy.
Panty John E 1Panty John E 2

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