Hypnotic Leg Trance Melting Slaves With My Thighs

by Michelle on April 19, 2011

Hypnotic boy Michael has always flaunted his tight body at me leaving to me think he was really an old man behind the ripped abs. He finally showed me indeed he was the loser with the abs. I love having a good looking slave to worship over my tan smooth legs and bubble ass. All the more it makes me want to hypnotize him always from all the Women in his life and melt his brain and give him the mind fuck of a life making him a hypno stroke toy. Is it time for me to commit mass mind fuck on Michael and twist his mind and drain his wallet into my greedy thighs? I just got a little tingle thinking about it which means yes indeed it is that time.
Forced intoxication loser Richard paid for my VIP tickets to Coachella and got us a huge suite at the Ace hotel. We had an amazing time for 3 days not paying for a single thing. There were so many hot guys around us I was just wondering which ones of them were Niteflirt callers. I would say most of them were too young to be calling Niteflirt but the older guys what were looking at my friends and I like drooling perverts had Phone sex freaks written all over their sweaty foreheads. I should have passed out flyers but really, I just wanted to relax and wasn’t in the mood to have a throng of foot fetish slaves following my dirty soles around the polo field. Go send me another $100 itunes card I have a ton of new music to buy you little piggies.
My Hypnotic Loser Michael

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