Crawl To Me Lovers

by Michelle on April 3, 2011

Lovers of all things greedy that being me come a little bit closer and open up a little wider. So many of you little stupid slaves got April fooled by me yesterday. Pay slave VonDrew was sent a really sexy custom clip $300 and all he got was me telling him thanks for the cash but to go fuck off APRIL FOOLS! It’s the ideal day to to mind fuck and I did it all day long.
Drunk loser idiot Ronnie boy had a nice little forced intoxication cash cloud float over him. He always crawls back to my pretty well heeled feet ready to get fucked up and used. Friday’s were made for Forced Intoxication. Niteflirt popper pig has still been shoving the glass cock bottle up his snout being a slutty porn pig. Sometimes I wonder if he lives in the skanky porn booths. Sniff Sniff popper piggy you wanna go again and again don’t you?
Pantie boy’s keep it coming, you know I love to see you try and out fag each other with you’re girlie attire. Johnny last weeks fashion fag had his very first public outing in his silky girl underwear. That’s just how it starts for sissy femme boys, all it takes is the first public outing and feeling that humiliating rush. It’s sissydom for you baby!

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