Digital Ass Kicking Slave Dog Mo

by Michelle on March 15, 2011

Pig boys snouts up and wallets open mother fuckers. That’s right, get down, down dogs. March madness has a ton of little pussy boys headed my way anxious to have me fuck their wallets hard with my big rubber cock strap on. Brian has been begging and aching to cum. He’s been being a loser at work getting consumed by me thinking he can stay away from me safe at work but now I have him getting used by me right from his desk like a remote cash cow mooing for me all day long. Submissive cuckold Brian keep on begging me to cum like the rest of my stable of cum corked up slaves. Hold that orgasm in while my wallet fills up with that cum cash.
Stripper addicted slave jerk boy just took a whole 30 minutes to jerk out nothing but a pathetic droplet of cum. Is that all you’ve got to present to your Goddess? That little bit of drippings that you call an orgasm. You’ll have to open that wallet a bit wider and stuff those dollars in my bikini to get more of my attention. On Niteflirt now, come get it while I’m feeling extra greedy and dominant.

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