Forced Intoxication Puppet At It Again

by Michelle on March 10, 2011

This forced intoxication loser just can’t stop sniffing his case of poppers. Hes been jerking off in his car for days now riding around with his bottles and pulling over to get all high and beat his cock. He’s back again hiding away from his wife he’s got himself locked up in his bathroom like a complete idiot with his laptop all set up so he can sniff and stroke.
I couldn’t resist posting this phone sex addicted slave sniff pig. He looked so foul and loser like sitting there on his toilet jerking off his cock in one hand and shoving his bottle of sissy poppers up his nose in the other. If his wife only knew the secret sissy bitch that he is, going to his bookstores and beating off to porn all the time. I love showing off a nice roasted fucked up popper piggy. Showing the pathetic side of married little cuck bitches who I aim to use for my own amusement. What if your wife sees this?

Forced Intox Popper Whore

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