Forced Intoxication Popper Puppet

by Michelle on March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras what better of a way to have one of my Niteflirt forced intoxication bitches ready to get fucked over first thing in the morning. Look at my popper puppet, he kept telling me hot sniffing his poppers was much better then sex and then i had him kiss and make love to his popper bottle. How sad is that. Doesn’t it look like he has a mullet too which is all the more hysterical of course. Stroke, pay and sniff over and over as I kept him stroking and paying me, clicking my Niteflirt tribute buttons over and over as he took deep inhalations while I counted the cash per sniff as he held deep. We counted each second as he held it in getting so intoxicated and ready to be used. I had his pathetic slob of a self call me from the porn book store while he was in a booth watching his smut inhaling his poppers like a little bitch. What a forced intoxication slut, now the world can see what a loser ass junkie you are.
Long time Niteflirt phone sex slave Mikey came to beg to be abused, used and taken advantage of. He told me it had been over 2 weeks since his wife allowed him to have an orgasm and he desperately needed to squirt for me. I was thinking of reasons for why I should allow this to happen since I found it funny that his wife wasn’t putting out for him. he used to go see a massage girl who also sat on his cock for cash. She hadn’t been around for him so all he had was his hand, a phone and a dream.

Forced Intoxication Popper PuppetForced Intoxication Popper Puppet 2Forced Intoxication Popper Puppet 3

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