Forced Intoxication Fetish Loser Slave Paul

by Michelle on March 1, 2011

Another month begins and I’m starting it off just the way I like it on Niteflirt with a collard phone sex slave Paul in San Francisco alert and ready to get his lips on his pipe for some forced intoxication as I drain him and take everything from his life and make it mine. He called up looking pretty sober until I made him get on web cam for me. The moment he flipped the cam on he got into his collar and was ready to do exactly what I wanted. First thing for my new cash pig to do was get to the blackmail application and submit the proper forms. I knew it would be east to extract the information out of him after a few puffs of that crack he was smoking.
Slave Paul completed my blackmail application on Niteflirt and also submitted all of his personal details, and copies of all of his records. All banking passwords have been set for me to use when I want and a brand new credit card is on the way that will come directly out of his account. Slave Paul just wants his life to be taken, he wants to be owned and he wants to get out there and suck cock and be a sissy bitch to find ways to make me thrilled and stay interested. He kept getting so high on his crack talking away for hours as I sat there and ignored his rants only hearing the money filling up my account. Fuck you slave pay me that’s all that matters and that’s all I’ll ever care about.
Forced Intox Slave PaulForced Intox Slave Paul 2Forced Intox Slave Paul 3

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