Foot Worship Financial Domination Beverly Hills

by Michelle on February 8, 2011

I had a fantastic week, My Niteflirt slaves were all a glow over the new ass pictures I sent out sending my wallet into a slight over load. I headed right to the mall with that. I went to a couple different Super Bowl parties which I could have given a fuck about, in fact I still don’t even know who played or won. I was too busy socializing and showing off making the losers drool over me and take their focus on being a pig for me instead of being focused on a pigskin. It was pretty hot out so I wore a really cute short jean skirt and a silver shiny tank top. I had just gotten a pedicure and was ready to show off my toes in a new pair of shoes foot fetish pig Troy sent me.
Foot fetish pig Troy was in town on business from Silicon Valley which he comes down for twice a year. I’ve met him 3 times in the past 4 years. He’s a ginger and not good looking at all, he looks like a total pale geek. He’s single at 41 and very successful but he’s a social retard who’s obsessed with feet. Each time we’ve met up he sets me up with my own suite at the Beverly Hills hotel so I don’t have to worry about driving home in traffic since it makes me so bitchy plus, I always end up having my own party once I’m done with him and he has to go back to his conference and pretend he has no idea who I am even though I see him across the bar. Usually we go out shopping and I get to spend $2,000 but this time, the loser was so paranoid of being seen with me and outed for his sick perverted foot fetish that he wouldn’t leave the room. I was furious and even more annoyed when I saw that he only had $543 in cash on him in his wallet and refused to leave the room to go to the atm. Never fuck with this greedy bitch, as I sat there calling my girlfriends bitching about this pathetic foot slave I saw his checkbook peeking out from his case. I told my friend Julia I had to go and took his check book and stood on it. He was on his pathetic knees begging me to stop using my feet as a weapon.
I grabbed a pen and threw it in his loser face and made him write me a check for $3,000 and extra grand for being a pussy and not taking me shopping and not having the cash ready for me. After that I ordered up a bottle of Champagne and sat on the phone for the next hour as he cleaned my feet. I told him not to talk to me and bother me. Fucking foot slaves my toes so powerful you will pay anything just for that one taste of my heavenly greedy soles.
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