Mo The Trample Doormat Chastity Slave

by Michelle on February 3, 2011

Hello my submissive loser Valentines, Love is definitely in the air that’s for sure, my love and devotion slaves have been fawning over me more then ever. All you lonely hearted pitiful stroke slaves vying for my attention with gifts and gift cards and tributes. While it’s all amazing already and its only a few day’s into the month it’s not even enough. It’s a month filled with love and love for me. You silly hypnotic love junkies so desperate but you know I’ll never ever love you the way I love your wallet.
Remember that secret love affair I had with your wallet that you begged me to keep secret and not let anyone know the way I made you a submissive weak puppet who submit to your Goddess and let me into your mind and control you making you nothing but a mindless zombie ATM machine. Hypnotized and financially dominated all you can think about is coming back for more.
Look at this love addict speck of a human Mo the dog slave. The grateful little bitch has been stuck in chastity for months now, I thought I was going to let the submissive slave out of chastity after the first of the new year but, I’m having too much fun torturing him with and busting his balls walking all over him pushing him further and further into the sand making him more addicted and suffocated by my power. Do you dare get fucked over and become a Michelleaholic.
Mo Doormat Slave

Too much of a pussy boy to call me or I’m not taking calls, then listen to my Recorded calls on Niteflirt on a per minute rate at any time.

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