Sissy Mo Dog Slave In Lingerie

by Michelle on January 28, 2011

Snouts up you addicted phone sex slaves. You hypnotized cash zombies with your wallets in your mouth awaiting me to pluck each dollar right out until your drained dry have been keeping me very pleased. Those of you special losers got your custom clips for being such good atm suckers.
My strip club junky addict loser has been partying it up not able to keep his cock in his pants and so desperate for some cash stuffing in some slutty outfits. I help get the addict get even more intoxicated by sticking my ass and legs right in his face and that’s when the tributes started flowing right where I wanted it, in my panties. I thought my junkie boozer was going to pass out but no, he just kept the party going like a total fucking loser addicted junkie. I’m sure he spent most of the day on Niteflirt like a typical addict porn loser.
Dumb fuck speck of sand slave mo got his little sissy bitch ass trampled by me. I stepped on this bitch like a towering Goddess crushing him and pushing his face down into lower earth like the little worm boy that he is. It’s been a while that this sub slave has been locked in chastity and right now there isn’t a chance for this loser bitch to get out.
I know you all want to be brown nosing ass kissers and have your noses nested up in my precious asshole but be prepared with a fist full of cash before you ask. I know you’ve been so hypnotized by my smooth tight ass. My perfect skin tone and perfect curves. Earn the right to kiss it.

What do do when I’m not going to take your call? You call my Niteflirt Recorded listings

Sissy Loser Mo Begs For Forgivmess

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