Niteflirt Blackmail Sissy Peter Bitch In Lipstick

by Michelle on January 20, 2011

Oui oui French sissy was up for a little late night forced intoxication blackmail party fun with me. This sissy boy was getting more and more fucked up for me. I kept leading his lips to the bottle with the intentions on getting him so drunk he tells me all of his personal details and secrets. The last time French sissy and I spoke we did forced intoxication but he pussied out on me about an hour into our session and wouldn’t give me the information that I wanted.
I was determined this time, and I knew I was going to get my way. The more Peter drank the more of a pathetic sissy he became, I love the way his tragic looking wig is coming off to the side making him look even more pathetic and humiliated. With his girlfriends lipstick on and enough liquor flowing through him to watch his eyes start to roll he finally gave me her name. Melanie, I think that Melanie would probably be really pissed off if she knew that her boyfriend Peter sits and pays a Goddess for forced intoxication sessions on a Niteflirt a phone sex site. He slurred his way through enough information that I knew it was time to really make some money off this drunk loser. Piggy bank boy Peter was ready to be broken and it was going to be as easy as the alcohol sliding down his throat.
I gave him a subtle taunt that I was going to call Melanie the love of his life and tell her what he does while shes off at work. He started to freak out, he hung up on me thinking I wouldn’t call because he was all the was in France. As if that was going to stop me! I called their home and let him know I was very serious about my blackmail games and that I just prank called Melanie and hung up when she said hello.
When he heard that he really started to cry like a little bitch sissy boy. I let him off easy, well I took a few hundred from him in return I would not call Melanie and expose him.
I never did make a deal with him about the photos that I took during our session so lets hope Melanie never finds my website. I’m sure a little blackmailed bitch boy can think of a way to get me to take the photos down.


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josh September 12, 2013 at 1:40 am

i desperatly desire bbc and wish to become the best sissy i can be. may i be your slut please to do as you command.

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