Cash Slave Gets Used Greedy Goddess Michelle Style

by Michelle on January 11, 2011

Starting the week off right with a Niteflirt financial domination fuck over. Slave cash pig M got worked nice and hard and very fast just the way a Goddess likes it. I have better things to do then sit on a phone for a million hours when I can just jack up my rates and fuck you hard and fast.
I’d rather sit in the gym teaching yoga all day then taking a call for hours from my puppets at the standard rate. But my loyal Michelleaholics know better, you know its all a ply for me to take and pure financial destruction. Are you getting ready for tax season, I sure am am, I’m getting ready to take all your returns while you beg me to keep a mere 5 percent.
Submissive ass pig Don in Los Angeles set up a foot worship session with my friend Cari tonight, the last time we saw this handsome pig he got really lucky and while he was massaging my feet had the chance to lick Cari’s pussy that had just been fucked hours earlier. That experience of course came with a price tag. He was another bitch who craved financial domination from Greedy Goddess’s so there he was naked kneeling on the carpet with Cari’s lace thong tied around his balls with his wallet in his mouth waiting to taste her juices. I was busy humiliating his little cock as she stuffed her bare ass in his nose intoxicating him while I drained his wallet and took what we came for. He was making the most pathetic sounds as he licked away at Goddess Cari’s pussy. She came just enough to drain all the cum from her pussy into his mouth, she finished off and now the slave boy was begging to orgasm. We told him he had to wait, we were going to go out the door and discuss it. He begged to get fucked over and its what he got, we left and never came back.

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