Tight Ass Intoxication Hypnosis Takeover

by Michelle on December 13, 2010

Paul the Lawyer from Miami was back in town this week and begged to meet up with me. The last time I had a rendezvous with this unassuming millionaire I scored 2 new Gucci bags and $3,000 cash for 5 hours of my precious greedy time. The best part of seeing Paul is all he ever wants to do is stare at my ass for a couple of hours and smell my pretty asshole. I wouldn’t even think of turning down Paul even though I did have plans on Friday night, With greedy bitches like me the cash always comes first.
I met up with Paul at his hotel, it was getting a little late to go shopping so he was going to have to make up for it in other ways. He had only prepared seeing me with the same $3,000 in cash I decided to just skip the shopping this time and get straight to pulling my skin tight jeans down revealing a sexy thong with pearl strands sliding up my ass crack. He fell back into the chair as I put on the tv and got myself situated watching the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. He put his hands on the cheeks of my heart shaped ass and that’s when I turned around and slapped him in the face to show him who was in control. I took his ties and bound his wrists together to prevent further touching. Back and force my hips dug into his face as I rest my asshole deep on his nose. After about 30 minutes of my warm scent taking over his mind I had him right where I wanted him. Under my ass spell, I untied his hands and made him rub my ass as he stared right into the middle of my ass. Since we never made it to Gucci I went directly to his wallet and sent myself a $2500 American Express gift card. He never even tried to resist, he passed out and I left cash in hand and early enough to go to a late dinner in Hollywood. Being a greedy Goddess looks so good on me.

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dog December 17, 2010 at 9:28 am

Your highness is truly the most beautiful, gorgeous and flawless Goddess in the Universe
This slave would give his life to smell your divine “rose butt”
Kneeling before Supreme Goddess Michelle

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