Mo The Slave Looking Like A Pretty Sissy

by Michelle on December 8, 2010

Christmas is getting closer I can tell from all the tributes and gifts that have been coming in with the pretty packaging. I got 6 boxes of chocolates that are going to be re-gifted since I can’t be trusted with that much deliciousness in my house. My yoga classes have been extra full of men trying to slim down and show off during the holiday parties. Either that or more and more of you little piggy’s come to my class to listen to my sultry voice whittle your body down with my hypnotic instruction.
Dr Jacob the foot and shoe lover has come back after a year of trying to stay always from my legs, the power of my inner thighs lost him nearly $10,000 last year on Niteflirt alone. I don’t even want to know how much he spent on gift cards. More toned then last year my shaply calves and perfect arches have stepped right back on to that pedestal high atop his at wallet. What a glorious way to perch my perfect feet on a cash foot stool.
More Mo to laugh at, I love being the bad cop putting losers under arrest for idiocy and sissyism. Just keep giving me MY cash you fishy Arab, Fuck you PAY ME. No cum no surrender.
Sissy Mohammad

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