Thanks For For Giving And Giving

by Michelle on November 24, 2010

Since I’ve been on Niteflirt Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays to really fuck over needy lonely heart losers. Boo hoo all alone on the holidays and you have no family and no friends that want to be with you but you always have the internet. At least you have a lot more options in the market aside from the old Swansons frozen turkey dinner. So there you are losers, year after year giving thanks to me, your beaming greedy Goddess who will only acknowledge your existence when I’m making money off you.
Submissive tribute pigs squealing away showering me with tributes, SeanDunn gave his thanks by surprising me with a full on picture raid buying everything he could get his hands on off my Niteflirt page. I find that a nice way to show your thanks. Little sissy prick the bitch got raked over with my photos and of course it wasn’t very cheap.
Little dick louis sat around and wasted 4 hours of my day on Niteflirt and all he wanted to talk about was his small penis, seriously 4 hours of laughing at, humiliating and just discussing his tiny unused cock. He’s 41, been married 5 years, and they stopped having sex about 7 months ago when he started to cum the moment he entered her. Premature idiot, you know shes out getting fucked by a man with a man sized cock not some cocktail sized hors d’oeuvres. Cucky loser boy you know your place now
I’m looking forward to hanging out with my family tomorrow, I will have the lines on in the morning for any early forced intoxication dumb fucks who need to get it on before I get my festivities on.

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