Pathetic Groveling Grain Of Sand Under My Flip Flops

by Michelle on November 11, 2010

My grain of sand has wedged himself firmly into the bottom of my flip flop as he tells me over and over “I am so sorry ALLAH, GODDESS MICHELLE, MY QUEEN, MY OWNER” digging him down deeper, seeping his shell of a body into a soulless Michelle addict. Empowering me with all the cash that I want, that I desire. The dog working his ass off slaving away, praying non stop. All for ME. If you could see the glow I have emanating from me right now as I count my hundreds of dollars that belong to me now. You pathetic money pigs should always know that the only way to ever make me smile is to fill up my greedy hands with your hard earned money.
Did I tell you little piggy followers about the latest foot slave I encountered? I don’t think I did, my girlfriend Danielle drove in from Las Vegas to meet one of her slaves for a couple days of fun. She asked me if I wanted to have dinner with them and then go back to his suite and kick him in the balls for an hour. I thought about it for a moment and then she said he’ll give you $1,000 for coming to dinner and the hour of ball kicking. That was symbolic for me to know to double that rate. I wasn’t getting home before midnight without at least $2,000 from this foot slave. Dinner was fabulous, he was sexy, my girlfriend is hot and I was drunk on wine and high on foot worship and fucking this debonair man over.
His nuts were broken down and bashed in exploding into a financial cash storm, we took off with $5000 in cash, $2500 not bad for a couple hours. Spa day!

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