Smashing In Losers Dicks With Gourds

by Michelle on October 22, 2010

It feels like the holidays are near, the weather has been gloomy and dark and the gifts have been arriving at my door on a weekly basis. I guess it’s really no different then any other day of the year, you slave boy Michelleaholics are spoiling me year round so it must just be the weather.
New pet boy DJ has found himself slipping deep into my hypo vortex of visual seduction. He submits like a good bitch boy paying me and giving me the money that I love to take as I leave his cock beaten with my high heels. I’ve been ruining orgasms all week long going with my October smashing cocks and pumpkins Halloween countdown. The fun got started early on Niteflirt with slave slut BjoelShea on the web cam who under my instruction called me up with a mini pumpkin and a gourd in hand. There he was, the bright light shining on his pale disgusting fat belly as his even more repulsive cock was standing hard and erect for me. I had him find some Halloween themed panties at Target and made him put those on to hide his imperfection. After a few tributes it was time to get to smashing the pumpkin. I was ready to rip this losers dick off with that pumpkin just because I was in foul mood. They ran out of the True Religions I wanted in my size, Fucking crisis I know.
My Goddess greed was roaring through my body, I could feel my pussy getting wet as each hundred drained into my account and knowing the only thing stopping us at this point was maxing him out or letting him cum. Today was not going to be the day the loser got to orgasm, today was the day he was about to smash his mini pumpkin on his stiff raging cock and pound his balls in with the gourd. A special Halloween cock and ball torture. Just as this blumpkin was about to drop his load he slammed down with the gourd like it was a hammer and let out a howl that must have scared the entire neighborhood. The game came to an end when he was financially depleted and his balls looked like dangling flesh. Now for the stupid fuckers who just jerked off and came to this blog entry go tribute me that’s a command.

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