Beautiful Goddess Spits In Your Drink And Then Your Face

by Michelle on October 14, 2010

Drunk dumb loser homo boy Alan Dowling is back at it again. This time he was a real sissy boy and made homemade whip cream and a beautiful apple strudel for the occasion. Can you believe bitchy me actually made him leave the apple strudel alone and put it back in the refrigerator intact made ONLY for eating and not for a beating. What can I say, I love good food and like the secret Mary that he is he did a great job baking. I had him chugging wine and Jameson, what a disgusting combo only fit for a sissy forced intoxication idiot. I made him totally humiliate himself and suck off a vegetable before launching it up his homo hole. I would post photos but you boys should know better, I really don’t want you’re nasty peckers on my pretty pages. So here is this loser Alan , lipstick all over his chest and a whip cream facial smiling away for the whole world to see. Wave Alan you’re pathetic!
Did I mention the fantastic spittoon I met out this week at happy hour with my girlfriends. Some genius who’s name I can’t remember because it’s so clearly forgettable was all up on my shit. He offered to buy me a drink whoopee it was happy hour he sprung out a big whopping $7 on a drink for me. I thought it was really pathetic that after he brings me my drink he starts taking sips from it. I have no time for that crap, either get me a drink or don’t. So, I mustered up the biggest grossest spit that I could and let it drain right into the Grey Goose and Vodka. I guess the idiot didn’t see me do it and proceeded to keep grabbing the drink. He finally noticed the white spit bubbles. He thought it was just a little backwash and then I enlightened him to the the truth. Loser didn’t get one bit mad, he told me I was so beautiful he would let me spit in his face. I took him up on his offer and spit right in his face laughed and took off. Maybe he will read about this and call me on Niteflirt where he can PAY to speak to me.
Alan Dowling loser!Alan Dowling loser 2Alan Dowling loser 2

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