Another Loser In Lingerie Begging To Be Outed

by Michelle on October 6, 2010

Look at the nice ass cash pig love the way you look in pink with your sweet round ass perked up and ready for stuffing. One after the other the sissy’s crawl to me wanting me to aid them on their loser journey to becoming sissy bitch’s with the potential of being discovered and outed on my Goddess blog. This little tarlet calls herself Candy Spanx. That ass is definitely spank worthy, I really want to pop that peach of an ass. Why do so many of you sissy bitches insist on always wearing pink. I know it’s the most significant color representing a girl but ugh there are days where I just want to puke pink.
The drunk idiot stopped by today for an hour until the drugged and dominated cash pig passed out snoring on my while on the call, If you’re going to pass out and fall asleep on me while we are doing a Niteflirt call then at least have the courtesy of filling up your Niteflirt account several hundred dollars. This way you can pay the price for passing out on my melodic voice and be punished for being so incredibly rude.
Retardo is back of course a stunt idiot junkie like that can’t ever fully recover from his cock addiction tales of sissydom. He checked in this weekend with tales of being a cheerleader for a party with a bunch of hot gay men and a few fag hags tossed in, Yes that’s retardo out there ready to suck, and be sucked. You can always find him in a gym in Portland if you really feel the need to get some of that.
Slave David my nylon pig from San Diego is in today and I’m off to go meet up with him right now to put my perfectly polished toes filled up in some gorgeous black nylon’s right in his face. Losers will pay for my Goddess feet. Call now bitch boys, time to pay your Goddess Michelle


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