No Mercy For The Submissive Saudi Slave Mohamaad

by Michelle on September 27, 2010

It’s torching hot out, I’m writing this wearing a white bikini with silver studs all over it, getting ready to apply sunscreen and head out to the beach.
From Paris all the way to Saudi Arabia I get so much joy out of fucking an exotic slaves wallet to the point to maxing out their daily limit on Niteflirt. My Saudi dog boy Mo begs and begs his American Goddess to have mercy on his pathetic self. I really have no mercy on this pathetic foot stool of a slave. He will remain in one place and that’s on his knees bent down face down and ass up in the air while I continuously fuck his hairless pussy hole over and over. I’m not even close to done with this pathetic bitch slave. His wallet raping days have just begun look at how pathetic this stupid bitch looks! I hope his family doesn’t find out about me. Global financial domination jet setting never felt so good.
A few of my other phone sex domination girlfriends and I cornered in a weak French man and with all 8 of our ass cheeks boxing him in and smothering him until he could barely breathe. Another victim of my credit card maxing. The power of my pretty body and greedy mind is so overwhelming. I should be marketed by drug companies I’m so fucking powerful!
To those lurkers who’ve been watching me, reading and hanging on my words yet fear calling me knowing the possibility of me destroying them to bits. Come have a little taste, don’t be shy.

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