Forced Intoxication Slave Dan Gets Cash Raped

by Michelle on September 14, 2010

Dick sucking Dan the rock head forced intoxication party pig fell prey to my greedy Goddess ways. he called me up on Niteflirt and I had I had him sucking that glass cock for me all day long. With each inhale of his diamond he became more of a filthy sissy loving panties. While I had the rock loving party whore in his weak state of mind I took many bits of personal information from him for my own benefit.
As you might imagine I found this to be the prime opportunity to blackmail him and get my way. I was getting so wet and excited with each bit of information I gathered I would have practically had an orgasm had I gotten him to take the big step of getting on web cam for me. Just for a fun little tease I think I’ll post a bit of his phone number 3*3-*73-08*8. I know right now that as soon as he sees this he’s going to freak out, wondering if I’m going to post the rest of it, or will I just make him endlessly tribute me and give me cash and gift cards galore until I’ve drained him dry? Blackmailed by your Goddess Michelle always a fun risky pleasure. I love playing with your minds and wallets so much.
Fall is creeping in and that means travel times need to happen and of course I expect you my slavebots to be the keepers my pampering desires. One look into these deep brown eyes and you’ll never be able to resist or get the chance to say no. Welcome to all my new followers on Niteflirt and Twitter and such. Class is in session and a whole new level of Michelleaholics have been attending my idiot academy learning the art of me wallet raping them in cash extraction 101. Taking more and hypnotizing more …

Pink September Spectacular

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Mark October 3, 2011 at 6:40 am

gorgeous – i’m seriously considering some $$$$ to make the call with a bottle of Absolute on the desk just to see how good my selfcontrol really is.

Michelle October 3, 2011 at 7:53 am

So call and stop talking about it.

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