Blog Humiliation Pigs Party To Get To Number One

by Michelle on September 8, 2010

There are those days I just laugh my ass off as you Michelleaholics clamor for a spot on my website. Each one of you retardo’s trying to out idiot the next and get on and impress me throwing tons of cash at me and whatever I want. Most of the screen shots I refuse to even post because there is no way in hell I want those nasty cocks or fat hairy body’s dirtying up my beautiful blog.
I had a beautiful Labor Day down in San Diego with friends. I even took my drugged up forced intoxication sissy D with me down to the beach for a 5 hour ignore call. Really he sat there while I drank margaritas, danced and partied all day. My friends couldn’t believe what kind of a freak would pay that much cash to get totally ignored. I explained he was hypnotized under a deep stated of intoxicated bliss. All he wanted was to get on the blog. I’d say a 5 hour ignore call at $4.00 a min is sufficient to get a mention, no photo though, you’re way too ugly.
Niteflirt has been buzzing with brand new piggies to start off the fresh Fall. Lot’s of sissy boys, blackmail fantasy and hypno slaves coming my way getting drained every dollar at a time. Along with the new a few old hypno slaves have fallen back to their old ways of being under my spell. My deep powerful hypnotic eyes enslaving so many men. Happy Wednesday

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