Niteflirt Humiliation Loser Idiot Of The Month

by Michelle on August 31, 2010

The other night here in Hollywood was the Emmy’s honoring the best of television for the year. I decided when I woke up that I’m going to have the Dummy’s, honoring the biggest losers of the internet. And the winner is Captain Retardo hailing from Portland face down and ass up at all times this loser is finally a winner. Yes Ricky Retardo finally you spooge therefore you are. Have you ever seen something so pathetic in pink all shaved up with a yellow banana hammock! Ricky’s favorite past times are going down to voodoo donuts and getting himself a nice dirty dozen and then going down to the local Portland glory hole. You can also find super hardo Captain Retardo on the local craigslist and other assorted online porn hookup sites. He also frequents the local Portland strip clubs dressed up like a sissy in all his pathetic glory. Sinking lower and lower let the Retardo adventures get underway. Congratulations loser it’s official you’re a fag!


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matt smith February 12, 2012 at 7:30 am

ewwww foreskin!! u r far too beautiful to be subjected to uncircumcised penises Michelle!! how can i show u my clean cut dick?

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