If You’re Girlfriend Only Knew The Fag You Are

by Michelle on August 21, 2010

It’s been an incredibly humiliating week at Niteflirt for my sissy slaves.
Sissy boy * Jessica Hudson is really a top class humiliation loser. He has a thing for wearing an adult diaper and pouring disgusting things down it and sitting in it. My followers might recognize him as the loser who dug himself deep into a dirt hole in his backyard and poured water and cement mix in. He was wearing a disgusting diaper at that time too, I think he had it filled up with a mud mixture and then stayed in his hole for hours.
This week we did a breakfast style humiliation. He got all ready and put not one but 2 adult diapers on. He made oatmeal all nice and warm and poured it down the front and back, what would oatmeal be without syrup. He poured that down, got out his big roll of tape and taped himself in. Can you believe how pathetic this fucking loser is? The really sad part is that he has a girlfriend, for over 2 years now her name is Beth C. Can you imagine her finding out shes dating this total fetish freak fag who gets off wearing mushy diapers while wearing a dress, heels and a wig. I rate this a 10 on the loser list.

oatmeal diaper 1oatmeal diaper 2oatmeal diaper 3

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