British Navy Sissy Boy Humiliation Junkie

by Michelle on August 3, 2010

There’s always the type of loser that’s in a class of their own. I was lucky enough to get one of those ultra pathetic losers who were willing to get on web cam and make a total fool of himself and risk the possibility of my posting it on the web. Then of course most of these idiots like the one im going to talk about and who’s pictures are posted are total web cam junkie sluts. This is the type of addict slave who calls tons of phone sex lines and as many Niteflirt girls as he can to make an appearance on their blog for some “blackmail”. I hardly call it blackmail when you WANT to have your face splattered all over the internet for anyone to find and see. Do I care? Not really, the only thing I care about is taking this losers money and making a total humiliated freak for me.
I got my British Navy pilot super hammered on 3 bottles of wine and a half of a bottle of rum. He was ready to do anything and excited to be turned into a humiliation slut. I had him smashing eggs on his face, putting tubs of yogurt into his pantyhose that he had and disgusting nasty gross squeeze cheese all over this hair.
His Girlfriend Holly would just laugh so hard if she saw this mess! I did teach him how to give a bad ass blow job on a banana. I fucked him over for several hours until the big cucumber came out. Where do you think the cucumber went? You fucked up drunk cash pigs will seriously do anything I tell you. I love it.

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