Snort Snort Says The Party Pig Forced Intoxication Freak

by Michelle on July 23, 2010

Magic Jack was back on the slopes and as usual it was always a good time. The slut slave was there in his hotel room in Chicago live and on web cam with 2 local Mistress’s. As he called me ready to take orders one of the Mistress’s was administering ass offerings to his nasty ass as she was burning him with her cigarette. It was really hard to tell exactly where she was burning the disgusting loser because his body is so scarred up from his constant fetish needs for destroyed. As I always do I had him make a nice decorative M and then take it all in and get more and more fucked up and intoxicated while I drained his wallet as he lost all attention to time and jacked up jack off rate. I laughed so hard when I kept making the rate higher and higher at one point even forgetting he was on the line and I just kept draining the fucked up coke pig. Addiction has a price bitch and you’ll be the one paying for it.
My drink Manhattan pig boy came snorting around at my heels begging me to fuck him up and fuck him over one dollar at a time. It makes me so wet thinking of rolling around the city with him keeping him all nice and keyed up as I shop away with his credit card. Once I’m satisfied with my daily spending that’s when its time for the fashion show. Bitch boy might get lucky to sniff my ass when I model my beautiful new dress for him and leave my panties off. That of course is going to cost for an honor like that.
I’m really excited for the new season of Man Men to start this weekend. Joan is SO hot! I’m feeling very greedy and ready for some financial domination this week. I want to take a few of you idiots to the cleaners, like I care if the kids have to go to camp this summer. Fuck them, fuck you, pay me. Love, Michelle

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