Cash raping the nutless wonder.

by Michelle on July 13, 2010

Ball and cash extraction, one of the wonders of life are balls, those little round drooping sacks between your male slaves legs just begging for attention. You would love to feel my silky soft fingertips lightly running against them now wouldn’t you. That’s just never going to happen, you see the closest rubbing of your balls and I are going to be my boot crushing them. Enamored with my smooth thighs and crawling back to me a little wimp in waiting. What a pitiful male quivering and nervous I pounced right on him always letting him know that Women rule and he is nothing but a second rate human. I had the wimpy loser by the balls and proceeded to squash his balls until I took his cash and his cum.
Repeat this little mantra after me slaves – Woman are better, Women are superior. Woman are better, Women are superior. Woman are better, Women are superior. Close your eyes and repeat that mantra every hour for at least one full minute.
It’s really hot out today, the crack of my ass is sweating right now as I write this blog in a Starbucks before I go to a yoga session. I’m laughing as I think of how many of you drooling slaves would give anything for my to take my thong off right now and let the sweat from my ass soak your face. You ass slaves really are hopeless and I do love it.
Niteflirt lines are open and ready for new submissive cash slaves to venture into my hypnotic grip.

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