Michelle The Cuckold Goddess

by Michelle on July 5, 2010

Welcome to July Michelleaholics and assorted slave boy’s. I’ve been up to my tight ass in wellness seminars and doing a little volunteering for some mobile Yoga units for Summer events and festivals.
My July 4th party was a hit as usual, much better this year with the temperature mild and cool and just enough people to have fantastic conversation and drink way too much. I’m such a generous bitch that I always make sure to leave my lines on when I have a party to let all lonely losers get the chance to be one of the pretty people. I had a special request from a long time phone sex addict and no stranger to Niteflirt, The LoserHoff.
The LoserHoff is a glue sniffing loser who knows how much better then him I am. I’ve been ripping his homo ass up for the past week. Making him sniff his gue and get all stupid and when I get really lucky he might go all out and grab the whip cream can and sniff that up until his mind is shrouded in loserdom. He got invited to my party and came in the role of a “cool kid” and kinda stoned and chugged down a couple 40’s. He was slated to perform at the party and do a superstar performance of a David Hasselhoff song and get dirtttty to Christina. Big thumbs down, in a totally lame and tardy party foul the bitch was pretty useless and no one really wanted to listen to him. There’s always one major dud at the party that no one wants to talk to and that was definitely him. Being paid to party is always so much fun.
Niteflirt was alive and hopping this weekend with so many brand new losers looking for a dominant greedy Goddess to give all their money too.
My Mr. Polo has been aching to be my cuckold. My older man husband who does exactly what I want, exactly as I say. He loves it when I bring home all the hot actor and model boy’s from the gym and let them make love to my precious pussy as he sit’s across the hall in his office listening to my sexy moans and orgasms. I see a new Chloe bag in my immediate future.

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